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Posted by on July 8, 2015 at 9:35 AM

I am sorry, I try to change the colour of the text on this blog every bloody week but NEVER will it do what I want, anyway I'll try again

Once again another busy week leads to another, but what a life this is!

Last week "Shrewsbury pronounced...SHROOOSBURY" won the debate about how we say our county towns name (although the locals like me pronounce it Shoosbury), Nikki, Braddaz and me thouroughly enjoyed the night, and even headed out to a local open mic afterwards to support it and play a short set of new tunes.

Came home and drank way too much in a short space of time including a lush vodka watermelon. Braddaz wimped out early and I was left to finish his Wild turkey too

Felt a bit shitty Friday morning, ah well, it happens

Yesterday saw the 10th anniversary of 7/7. I can't imagine what the events of that day we're like or what they have been like since, my thoughts, and its easy to say this, are that humanity won that day. People of all races and religions came together and beat the cum that caused the deaths and the pain. The only way to beat this is to remember the people we lost, help the people who were effected and carry on like these fuckers don't exist. If we change what we do, they have won. Easy for me to say eh?

So this week, tonight Nikki and me are playing over Wolverhampton way and then tomorrow I'm on the radio with Jim Hawkins talking about punk. Punks never been about uniforms and mohicans for me, its an ethos of doing what you want, when you want, and bending the rules a bit.

Friday is a hometown gig at the Wheatsheaf, Frankwell and then Saturday I'm playing a solo show at the Shrewsbury Flaxmill. Sunday has the band playing 2 gigs, one at Alsager music festival and then a private house party for a good friend and supporter of the band for many years, not sure they know about it yet so it'll be a big surprise when we roll up.

Then it's back into working on new tunes, will get posting some new stuff up really soon

Look after yourselves




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