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10 Things about You! Just Lost The Game you didn't know

Posted by on February 21, 2016 at 3:30 PM

As the new album is out now I thought I'd share some unknown facts about it

Maybe you'll find them interesting, maybe not, they are however true

The albums available on iTunes, Amazon and on CD at gigs and via the website store

Ok, here goes........

1) The "You! Just Lost The Game" album title came from a conversation about "The Game" with my good friend Tim Compton. Apparently if you google "The Game" the rules are there but basically everyone is playing it, no one knows they are, if you think about the game you've lost the game and the game only ends if the Prime minister announces in parliament that the game is officially over, and then a new game starts. I called the album You! Just Lost The Game so Tim loses it everytime his fiance Rhi puts it on in the car.

2) Braddaz had never recorded anything EVER before this album and his bodhran playing on "Bandages and Glue" was the first time he'd ever sat infront of a mic and it was his first run thru for the scratch track. When we came to record it for the album I couldn't fault it so it was never rerecorded, basically Braddaz's very first drum hit ever recorded made it onto the album.

3) While we're on about Braddaz, in "Gone" we couldn't remember the rim shots he had rehearsed so we ended up playing the beat on a chair in the studio

4) "Silence is Not Acceptance" is a true story, from a long time ago. I did throw a beercan at a policeman and it bounced off his head, I threw it because he was being obnoxious about making sure I put it in the bin. I threw it at him and it hit him and the police cars chased me up Claremont Hill and I jumped into the quarry by St Chads and buggered my ankle up. I'm not proud but makes for a fun story.

5) "Gone" was the first song I started writing and almost the last to be finished as I couldn't work out the melody I wanted. It took 16 months to write.

6) "Another Protest Song" grew from one line thats in the 2nd verse. "Now I'm too busy reading mails from a solicitor in Uganda" was about the spam emails you get saying you're the only surviving relative and theres a $10,000,000 inheritance waiting for you if you send your ban account details.

7) "Dancing in Laybys" was written in 10 minutes and recorded in 10 more. The tune popped into my head while watching a film and I ran upstairs, wrote and recorded it in 20 minutes. On the flip side to that, I spent more time on "My Last Rant" than any other song on the album as it was going to be the song that accompanied the video, which now accompanies "Silence is not acceptance" Because there is no band input to the video and its a story of a Z lister superhero "The Urban Ninja" Oliver at Intrigue Videos just swapped the songs over. 

8) All of Nikki's backing vocals were recorded while she was full of flu, wearing a onsie and she sat down after every line to get her breath back. She got through an entire pack of toilet rolls blowing her nose

9) After Paul C had been in and recorded his bass lines I accidentally deleted 3 of them, at least I lost them somewhere and was at the point of owning up when they magically reappeared? This is still something that baffles me.

10) The album was recorded in my studio and my studio is in the home my parents lived in before they passed away. The studio is in their old bedroom so there is every chance I was made in the same room I recorded this in.  

So there you go, the story behind the album in 10 useless facts, if Chris Tarrant ever asks you about it you'll know, my gift to you

Hope you are enjoying the album


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