Paul Henshaw

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LIVE 2020


Jan 11th 2020 - Samuel Pepys - Huntingdon

Jan 13th - Pizza parlour, Peterborough

Jan 19th - The Wheatsheaf, Chetwynd Aston - With Dan Booth

Jan 20th - The Castle PH, Bedford - OM

Jan 21st - The Boat Inn, Whittlesey - OM

Jan 22nd - St Ives Folk Evening - With Melody Causton 

Jan 25th - Burns Night, Alconbury

Jan 29th - Samms, Peterborough - OM

Jan 30th - Paradiddles - With Dan Booth

Jan 31st - Compass Cafe Bar - With Dan Booth

Feb 2nd - Duke of Wellington, Stanwick - OM

Feb 6th - Slepe Hall Hotel, St Ives - OM

Feb 7th - Katie Fitzgeralds, Stourbridge - With Dan Booth

Feb 8th - The palladium, Bideford - With Dan Booth

Feb 9th - The Prince Albert, Stroud - With Dan Booth

Feb 16th - The Fayre Spot, Bretton - OM

Feb 22nd - The Railway, Oakham - With Dan Booth

Feb 28th - The Pit Micropub, Newsted - With Dan Booth

Mar 5th - Niche Comics, Huntingdon

Mar 6th - The Wyndham Arms, Kingsbury Episcopi

Mar 9th -Pizza Parlour, Peterborough - 

Mar 14th - Pilgrims Pit, Stoke - Supporting Headsticks

Mar 17th - The Boatshack, Bromsgrove - With We Steal Flyers

Mar 20th - The Cross keys, Bedworth

Mar 28th - The Railway. Oakham - Support Headsticks

Apr 3rd - The Continental, Preston - Support Blackballed

Apr 4th - Trillions Rock Bar, Newcastle - Support Blackballed

Apr 5th - Ashleys, Shrewsbury

Apr 10th - Katie Fitzgeralds, Stourbridge - Support Blackballed

Apr 11th - The Palladium, Bideford - Support Blackballed

Apr 16th - Greystones, Sheffield - Support Blackballed

Apr 17th - Esquires, Bedford - Support Blackballed

Apr 18th - Con Club, Bury St Edmonds - Support Blackballed

Apr 19th - Frog and Fiddle, Cheltenham - Support Blackballed

Apr 24th - Fiddlers Elbow, London - Support Blackballed

Apr 25th - The Salutation Inn, Nottingham - Support Blackballed

Apr 26th - The King Arthur, Glastonbury - Support Newcranes

Apr 28th - Bridport Music Centre - Support Newcranes

Apr 29th - The Bell, Bath - Support Newcranes

Apr 30th - The Musician, Leicester - Support Newcranes

May 1st - The Peacock, Sunderland - Support Newcranes

May 2nd - The Hairy Dog, Derby - Support Newcranes

May 3rd - Ey Up Mi Duck Festival

May 15th - Next Door Bar, Albrighton

May 16th - The Railway, Oakham

June 5th - Dog and Bull, Wem

June 7th - Ashleys, Shrewsbury

June 25th - The Brit Bar, Weston Super Mare

July 25th - Private Party, Swindon

Aug 1st - The Railway, Oakham

Aug 2nd - Ashleys, Shrewsbury

Aug 7th - Next Door Bar, Albrighton

Sept 4th - Dog and Bull, Wem

Sept 17th - The Tuppenny, Swindon

Oct 2nd - The Railway, Oakham

Oct 4th - Ashleys, Shrewsbury

Oct 10th, Bodega, Nottingham - Support Headsticks

Nov 6th - Next Door Bar, Albrighton

Dec 5th - The Railway, Oakham

Dec 6th - Ashleys, Shrewsbury