Paul Henshaw

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PAUL  HENSHAW- Vocals, Guitars

Favourite Simpletons Song

Can't put my finger on one, I like lots for lots of reasons, hows that for a cop out, I could only offend me and still can't decide!

Favourite Non Simpletons Song - "Exit Music" by Radiohead, in fact anything by Radiohead or "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" by Nirvana, Maybe some Biffy Clyro or Therapy? or "Gigantic" by The Pixies, Maybe some Frank Turner, and The Decemberists are just the most beautiful band ever so literally anything by them   

Equipment Used - EASTMAN Guitars via some support from Richards Guitars in Stratford. I have an AC222 for Open D stuff but the workhouse is a stunning E10ss/v. I have a Fender Jaguar for the noisy bits which is a dream to play, and use AER amps. The acoustics I use D'Adarrio Nickel Bronze strings with support from Music Bros in Shrewsbury

Other Projects - Currently working with Dan Booth from Ferocious Dog on a duet project


Fav Simpletons song - "I Declare Shenanigans"- first one I sang along to and "Heads, Hearts and Voices" - first song I played live. 

Fav Non-Simpletons song - Far too many to list! Screamager- Therapy? 29 x the pain- Wildhearts, The Hunt-New Model Army, Miles Apart-Mega City Four, Unfinished Sympathy-Massive Attack, Anything and everything by The Ramones (Never forget your first love ), current fav is The Dreadnaughts- being played far too often in the works truck. 

Gear I use - Pinky- Fender Mark Hoppus P/J special, 1975 Rickenbacker 4001 in Jetglow, Ashbury Acoustic, Frankie- cheap double bass & Kate(Moss) Stagg stick bass. Amped SVT3Pro and Orange Bass Terror heads, Ampeg 4x10 & Behringer 2x10 cabs. 

Other Projects- None, no time now I'm a Simpleton.


Matt Johnson - Electric Guitar, acoustic guitar and Bouzouki

Favourite Simpletons song/songs - It does tend to change frequently but I'd say Shenanigans, Desk Filled Battlefield, Kid on a Bridge, Middle Finger Thank Youl

Favourite Non Simpletons song - Too many to list but "Another Man's Cause" - The Levs, "Through Glass" - Stone Sour and "Exit Strategy" by She Makes War


Gear - A Seagull maritime folk, And j160 John Lennon acoustics

"Gibson" lol dg335 and Epiphone 339 electrics

and a sliced spring onion shaped bououki

Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister and Marshall amps with Vox night-train cab

Other projects - Probably Roy {indie punky rocky stuff) and solo acoustic glumness and misery

Dylan Caine  - DRUMS

Favourite Simpletons song: has to be Stones, Wren and Quiet Bit, Loud Bit, just because I love playing them the most. 

Non simpletons song: We are the Champions by Queen, Just So You Know by American Headcharge, Separation Anxiety by FNM. There's loads more but putting these on good n loud gets me ready for anything! 

Favourite bands: Soooo many, Faith No More, Genesis, Slayer, Mammal, Nine Inch Nails, Queen, White Zombie, Ministry, Fields of the Nephilim, Soundgarden, AHC... 

Other projects: Hammering in the style of Dave Grohl for In Vitro Nirvana tribute band. Raising two boys and not going insane keeps me busy enough otherwise. 

Equipment: Still using the Pearl Export kit I bought back in '95, a Mapex 13x7 Black Panther Snare, Stagg cymbals, and my trusty Kia to drag it all over the country in.