Paul Henshaw

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Paul - Vocals, Guitars

Favourite Simpletons Song

Can't put my finger on one, I like lots for lots of reasons

Favourite Non Simpletons Song - "Exit Music" by Radiohead or "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" by Nirvana, Maybe some Therapy? or "Gigantic" by The Pixies, Maybe some Frank Turner, Will Varley and then Nick Parker who I class as one of the best songwriters about today  

Equipment Used - EASTMAN Guitars via some support from Richards Guitars in Stratford. I have an AC222 for Open D stuff but the workhouse is a stunning E10ss/v. I have a Fender Jaguar for the noisy bits which is a dream to play, and use AER amps. 

Other Projects - Currently writing the next band album, another solo EP and in the very early stages of another project which will be very different to anything I've done before

Ditty - Bass

I play Bass through lots of pedals and sing a bit


Matt  - Electric Guitar, acoustic guitar and Bouzouki

Favourite Simpletons song/songs - It does tend to change frequently but I'd say Shenanigans, Desk Filled Battlefield, Kid on a Bridge, Middle Finger Thank Youl

Favourite Non Simpletons song - Too many to list but "Another Man's Cause" - The Levs, "Through Glass" - Stone Sour and "Exit Strategy" by She Makes War


Gear - A Seagull maritime folk, And j160 John Lennon acoustics

"Gibson" lol dg335 and Epiphone 339 electrics

and a sliced spring onion shaped bououki

Hughes and Kettner Tubemeister and Marshall amps with Vox night-train cab

Other projects - Probably Roy {indie punky rocky stuff) and solo acoustic glumness and misery

Dylan  - DRUMS

Favourite Music - NIN, American Headcharge, Soundgarden to name but a few 

Equipment Used - Pearl Export drums with a Mapex Black panther "the blaster" Snare, Sabian and Stagg Cymbals